The Ultimate Cookbook CD
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  The Ultimate Cookbook CD is a collection of recipes on compact disks made to be
read on your computer. They are written in a PDF file so that they can be used on
any computer. Most computers come with Adobe Acrobat but if you need it or need
to get it updated you can get it here for free(some of the older computers wonít run
the newer versions of Adobe).

Cookbook CDís do not play on your TVís dvd player, maybe at a later date we will do this.

  Due to the current economic time that our country happens to be in we have changed our books. We have combined all the books into one CD and have lowered the price to help everyone. We will try to maintain this lower cost for as long as we can. We hope this will be helpful and satisfactory to everyone. We will be leaving the single pages to help describe the contents of each book but will be eliminating the single purchase books and lowering the current price of the 8 on 1 CD.

  We are working on other cookbooks to add in the future so if there is something
in particular that you would like to see for a cookbook please take a moment to contact us and let us know. We are always looking for more recipes to add, if you have any to share with us for future publications we would appreciate your sending them to us. Weíve been collecting recipes for a long time and have well over 10,000 on the computer.

  We started organizing the recipes back in March of 2005 and put our first book out in
December then it was another 2 months of rewriting before we were happy with it.
Since then we have added 7 more books. Every ebook has a table of contents and the title of each recipe is linked to the recipe (click the title and youíre taken to that recipe).

  We currently have eight volumes available, they are as follows:
  Volume 1: contains recipes for Americas most popular fruit, the apple.
  Volume 4: everyone loves COOKIES so hereís 250 recipes
  Volume 5: anyone not own a CROCK POT? How about 470 recipes
  Volume 6: canít find that recipe that mom made, maybe itís AMISH
  Volume 7: CAKE MAKING 101, cake making basics and beyond.
  Volume 8: 300 CHEESECAKE RECIPES, Sinfully delicious.
  Volumes 1-8: On a single CD. If you would like to have them all, we have a special price on this collection.

  We would like to thank all that sent the cheesecake recipes among the other recipes that we have received also.

  All the recipes sent to us are greatly appreciated. We are currently working on recipes that have won at least honorable mention or better in any contest. If you could include where and when they won as well as placement it would be helpful. These can be cakes, cookies, pies, dinners, anything in the cooking or drink field.

  We have about 600 chili recipes so far, as well as a lot of fish recipes (could use more of these), as well as more chicken, wings, wine, smoothies, puddings, Italian, Mexican, salads. Hey, weíll be happy to take anything you want to send us, even if itís a book that weíve already done. Just go to the contact page and click on the link for the e-mail. Thank you again for all of your help.

  If you are an organization looking for fund raising please feel free to contact us for information.


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